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The Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation has allotted funds to cover the cost of the provision of technical assistance to school districts supporting children with Down syndrome in general education settings. There will be a limited number of vouchers for a total of 15 hours of technical assistance made available annually.


A family is eligible if they are a current member of the Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation and have a child included in a general education setting. Only one voucher will be provided per family unless there are fewer applications than allotted funds, in this case the officers will consider a second application within the same school year.

Application Procedures

Send an email (

  • Name of Child, age, grade

  • Name of School

  • Building Principal

  • Services currently in place designed to address appropriate programming. For example, if your district is currently contracting with a technical assistance provider on behalf of your child, provide the name and the outcome of that service.

  • Actions you have taken to date in attempt to procure appropriate services for your child. For example, have you requested an inclusion consultant on your child’s IEP?


Application Review

The officers of the Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation will review applications on a monthly basis.  Applications will be reviewed to determine the extent to which the district has similar services in place and the extent to which they have invested these resources in the child with Down syndrome. In the event the officers determine that an application does not meet criteria, a written explanation will be provided to the family.


A voucher will be provided to the family identifying the number of hours of technical assistance awarded to the corresponding school district. The family should deliver the voucher to school district personnel who in turn should contact the technical assistance provider to make arrangements regarding days and times of visits. The technical assistance provider will bill DSAF directly.

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