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DSAF is launching “Going Places”, a program that connects teenagers and young adults with and without disabilities for social events throughout the year.

If you’d like to attend an event, here’s how it works:

1.  Go to the events calendar. Events will be listed by month and will include:

  • The type of event (movie, night at the beach, bowling, dance, etc.)

  • The location

  • The time

  • Information to purchase tickets (when necessary)

  • The host(s) for the event (the person/people who will for sure be at the event)


2.  Show up at the event and look for the “Going Places” sign.


3.  Have fun!


If you’d like to host an event, here’s how it works:


1.  Identify an event that teenagers and young adults would enjoy. It can be day at an amusement park, an afternoon at the movies, an exercise class, a sporting event, a dance, etc.


2.  Invite teenagers with and without disabilities, here are a few suggestions:

  • Contact the youth group coordinator at your place of worship and invite their group to attend

  • Contact professors from various departments at a local collage and have them invite their class. Students in psychology, education, special education, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work are often looking for experience.

  • Contact your local high school. There are many clubs that would be interested in participating, for example, community service clubs, the national honor society, and student government may be able to participate…BUT if theses or your own ideas don’t work, you can certainly still host the event!

3.  Send the following information to, so that we can add it to the calendar:

  • The name of the event

  • The location

  • Time

  • Information regarding where to purchase tickets if tickets are necessary

  • The name that you would like us to put down as the host


4.  Show up at the event with the “Going Places” sign (we will email it to you so you can print it or we will mail you a copy)


5.  Have fun!

NOTICE:  The Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation is not sponsoring the events listed on the calendar. They are merely identifying a location where a group of individuals will be gathering. There will be no supervision of participants.

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